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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Some mice are smarter

I have two cats and I live in the countryside.

Their favorite sport is napping, but their second favorite one is chasing mice.

We have plenty of them here, they are little funny animals, and I try to save them when I can.
Lately my two furry hunters got the habit of scouting the area around the house, catch a mouse and then run back in the house with him to play, normally in my studio.
They really like me to participate to this game, especially around 3am, in that case they normally elect my bedroom as "chasing arena".

Yesterday I was discussing over the phone with a customer and one of the cats arrived running with a mouse in her mouth, she freed him under my desk and started the chase.

I recon this little fellow could be the one I already saved a couple of days ago, so he is already familiar with the environment.
I imagine him thinking "oh God... here we go again...".
He knew already that hiding behind my computer normally works, so he headed straight there while the cat was guarding the area and waiting for him to pop out.

But when they survive, they probably get smarter, so this one decided to take his revenge.
He climbed on top of my desk and eventually got to the little bag of cat treats that I keep there.

This is what happened

In the end he did not manage to open the bag, but I thought he deserved some treats, so I opened it and tossed a couple to him.

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