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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

One of these days...

Today the USA Ambassador to Libya was killed, together with some embassy personnel.

I want to put this straight : I am not American, I have no reason to prefer USA to other countries.
I do think it's a great country, like many others in the world, including Libya.

I am not christian, nor muslim, in fact most of the people would define me as atheist.

But I dream of a different world, we probably all do or at least this is what I sincerely hope.
The world I dream of does not need religions, not that I would forbid them should I have the power to do it, it really bothers me that you guys need them.

In my dream a good man or woman does not need to be a prophet, she/he can be smart, wise and contribute greatly to our history without the need of walking on the water or turning dead people into living beings.
Why can't we just have plain good people without making them prophets, saints (or heroes for what matters)?

And most of all, if you have to love your prophets, saints and heroes, do they really need to be so weak that  they need your unconditioned support to protect them?
Can't they just deal themselves with whatever THEY may believe is an offense towards them?
Do you think they would not be at least as efficient as you are? So you think you are better than them?

There are no good religions, nor bad religions.
There are humans that rely on their rational brain to decide what to think, what to say and do.
Others instead prefer to give up their own thoughts and feed themselves with pre-digested ones that others prepared for them.
If you believe "holy books" do exist, then you definitely fall into this second group.

I cannot judge you, nor I am willing to, whatever way you want to go regarding this : you can be rational and decide to be responsible for your own actions or you can be "foolish" (as opposed to "rational", not meant as an offensive word) and let others tell you what to do.
Make your call, we probably dream of different worlds, but in the process, stop killing people in the name of the choice you made.
Just a piece of advice : if you are dreaming someone's else dream, it might be a good time to wake up.

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